• AcuMax Index® Psychometric “Hard Wiring” Assessment

    Have you ever wondered why you work better in some environments than in others - on one team, but not another? Wiring dictates the type of environment in which a person is best equipped to thrive and succeed at work and in life. Want to learn how you are naturally wired?


    Statistically-validated and EEOC compliant, the AcuMax Index measures a person’s primary wiring drivers based on their response to psychometric words. Our innate wiring influences what matters to us; our preferred way of processing information, engaging and communicating, and solving problems - all areas that determine success in a particular position.


    With the knowledge of someone’s wiring, we can recognize and appreciate what matters to them, how they communicate, and what they need. Employment assessment testing also shows how engaged an individual is, or how much stress they may have experienced in the previous 90 days of their life. The AcuMax Index gives insight into how well someone is being managed or motivated, and whether someone is truly a good fit for their role.

    • The AcuMax Index is a psychometric assessment that measures a person’s innate "hard-wiring", which is established at 18-24 months of age and does NOT change.
    • AI is not a behavioral test; AI is not a personality test.
    • AI is statistically-validated and EEOC compliant.
    • AI tells us the environment that the person best thrives in - how they accept ideas, process thought, prefer to work, and the amount of information they need before moving to decision-making.

  • AcuMax Acumen℠ Cognitive Assessment

    AcuMax Acumen is a cognitive assessment. Cognitive assessments measure how quickly an individual can understand and apply new information and material. The Acumen is statistically validated (does not skew for or against any protected class). The value of cognitive assessments to employers is understanding the speed of learning for a new employee to better tailor the onboarding process.


    What does the AcuMax Index measure? Is it a test?

    The AcuMax Index measures how people are uniquely wired. This tells us a person’s orientation to ideas, how they function in or on a team, how they communicate (not just talk or think, but process thought), their preferred work style, how they accept pressure and how much information they need for effective decision making.


    The AcuMax Index is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers and one cannot pass or fail. It is a Survey that measures the hard wiring of the individual and the environment in which that person best thrives.

    What makes the AcuMax Index different from other assessments? Why should we use an assessment?

    There are hundreds of personality or behavioral assessments in the marketplace, but only the AcuMax Index objectively measures and reports on human hard wiring.


    Companies that use assessments hire better employees, improve retention, reduce associated costs and are less likely to suffer legal consequences due to poor hiring practices.

    Is AcuMax only for hiring?

    Hiring is just part of the power. In addition to interview questions, our reports feature impactful onboarding, effective management, drive intensity, understanding the concerns of how someone is trying to change their wiring to meet the demands of their environment, coaching tips, proper motivation, group profiles – to name a few of the management functions to create a highly engaged workforce!